Two drivers hit 10-year-old girl in Seattle, speed away
'Yellow Tape Blocks Off A Crime Scene With Broken Glass' [Shutterstock]

Seattle police said on Tuesday they were searching for two drivers who gravely injured a 10-year-old girl in back-to-back collisions and then "sped away" with her "still on the ground".

Witnesses said the girl was struck in the early evening by a Chevrolet sport utility vehicle as she crossed the street south of downtown, the Seattle Police Department said in a statement. She fell to the ground and was then hit by an Acura sedan.

"Witnesses said that both vehicles sped away while they tended to the girl," the statement said.

Police found the unidentified girl "still on the ground with critical injuries" and she was rushed to hospital, police said.

(Reporting by Eric M. Johnson in Seattle)