Video shows Chicago cops trampling woman on dialysis to take down son who ignored them
LeRoy Hubbard III says that video proves he didn't assault Chicago police officers (WCAU)

A 14-year-old girl in Chicago captured video of police barging into her home and arresting her uncle because he refused to stop and talk to them.

LeRoy Hubbard III told WMAQ that two police officers pulled up in a patrol car as he was walking home to his parent's house on Friday night.

"They say, 'Come here.' So, I just keep walking," Hubbard recalled.

According to Hubbard, officers then forced their way into his home, while his niece, Keeasia, filmed the entire thing.

“They start just going crazy in the house,” he pointed out.

WCAU reported that the video showed Hubbard's mother, who was on a dialysis machine, being knocked to the floor as police struggled to handcuff him. Eventually, more officers arrived and Hubbard was placed in a chokehold.

“They charged me with assault but how did I assault anybody?” he asked. “They were just basically just assaulting my whole family so I had to give in just to make it stop."

"I just went outside," Keeasia said. "It was helicopters, it was police cars, just rushing in for one person."

Hubbard’s father, Leroy, argued that the incident was "clearly police misconduct." He said that his son did not have a criminal record, and that officers only treated him that way because he lived in a high crime area.

“They do this all the time,” he remarked. “As far as the police, they do this all the time. They will stop anybody on the street. They want to get lucky, think they’re going to get lucky you know somebody's probably got something."

Hubbard was expected in court on Tuesday to face charges for aggravated battery to a police officer.

Watch the video below from WCAU, broadcast Oct. 27, 2014.