WATCH: Hawaii cop attacks pair during raid of suspected gambling hall in Chinatown
Angry police officer with a nightstick (Shutterstock)

Federal authorities are investigating the videotaped beating by a Hawaii police officer of two people at a game room.

The video shows the officer, who has been identified as Vincent Morre, punching a man who was sitting on a stool and then kicking another man before smashing him over the head with chair.

The incident took place during a gambling raid in Chinatown conducted by the SWAT, or Special Services Division, of Honolulu police, reported KGMB-TV.

Morre and two other officers went to the game room, which they suspected of being an illegal gambling hall, to serve a warrant but did not find the suspects they sought.

Surveillance video recorded inside the game room shows Morre, who does not appear to be in uniform, rough up the two men, who were not suspects and do not appear to be resisting officers.

The video appears to show Morre shoving a woman near a door as he leaves.

Morre, a nine-year veteran, is under investigation by the FBI for his actions, reported KGMB.

His attorney told the station Morre had not been arrested, charged, or contacted by the FBI, but his police powers have been stripped and he was placed on desk duty pending the investigation.

The other two officers, one of whom is a longtime reserve officer, are being investigated by Internal Affairs for failing to intervene in the attack.

Watch this video report posted online by KGMB-TV:

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