WATCH: Pumpkin Festival coordinator gets physical with local reporter trying to cover riots
Jared Goodell (Screen capture)

A reporter for Channel 8 in Keene, New Hampshire was attempting to cover the riots at Saturday's Pumpkin Festival when its organizer demanded that he stop filming, reports.

As the video begins, reporter Jared Goodell can be seen struggling with a woman in an orange shirt. He pulls away from her and says, "Ruth Sterling, who is the festival coordinator, is on site here and -- well, she's not letting me do my job."

"She would not like me to tell you what is going on at Keene State College," he says, dodging Sterling's hands as she makes for the microphone.

When she gets the microphone, she says that the Pumpkin Festival is a family-friendly event, and that she doesn't want anyone to be disturbed "by people who aren't even at the Pumpkin Festival. So if you think," she says, turning to Goodell, "inciting these people is a good idea, I am going to pull the plug on you, because you are here as a guest of Keene Pumpkin Festival."

"You heard it here first," Goodell says, before Sterling rips the microphone away and says, "Do not alarm our guests."

After he re-takes the microphone, Goodell says, "When you report the news, when you report the reality, the people in charge want to shut you down. This is against freedom of the press, folks."

"You have no right to self-promote here," Sterling says, before turning to the crowd and asking, "Do we agree he's self-promoting? I agree he is!"

Watch the entire exchange below via YouTube.