'Write a check to Darren Wilson': Supporters of Ferguson cop hawk St. Louis playoff tees
We Are Darren Wilson tees (Facebook)

Supporters of Darren Wilson, the Ferguson policeman who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown, are raising money for the police officer this weekend by selling t-shirts to be worn to the St. Louis Cardinals playoff game with "Go Cards' hand-painted on the front and "Darren Wilson 6" on the back, according to their Facebook page.

The significance of the '6' -- also found on wristbands stating "We got your 6" --  is a military expression meaning "I've got your back," and, coincidentally,  the number of  gunshot wounds Brown suffered when Wilson shot the teen on August 9th, setting off a wave of protests and a national debate on the high incidence of police officers shooting black teens.

According to the Facebook page, St. Louis residents planning to attend the Cardinals game can pre-order their t-shirt and pick it up at Barney's Sports Pub on the way to Saturday's playoff game against the San Francisco Giants.

Barney's Sports Pub was recently the site where the same group sold t-shirts supporting Wilson with a spokesperson stating, "We will not hide. We will no longer live in fear."

Cardinals fans were recently filmed clashing with Brown supporters from Ferguson, chanting "Let's go Darren."

The Facebook page states that t-shirts can be purchased for $10, and wristbands priced at $5,  with checks made out to 'Darren Wilson.'

The Ferguson Police Department recently was asked by the Justice Department to instruct officers that they may not wear "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets while on duty.