Anti-Obamacare Oregon Republican asks governor for control of state’s health system
Monica Wehby (Facebook)

The losing Republican nominee for a U.S. Senate seat representing Oregon -- who ran on a platform of repealing the Affordable Care Act -- contacted the governor of the state seeking an appointment to the state agency tasked with implementing the program, according to OregonLive.

Dr. Monica Wehby, who lost in her bid to unseat Sen. Jeff Merkley, contacted Gov. John Kitzhaber on his cell following the election and offered her expertise and interest in health care reform to the newly re-elected Democratic governor

According to multiple sources, Wehby asked about the job opening as director of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) which administers the ACA -- also known as Obamacare -- despite running on a platform seeking to dismantle it.

During her campaign, Wehby used the campaign slogan, "Keep Your Doctor. Change Your Senator," and in 2009 was featured in in a commercial broadcast nationwide warning voters about the plan's dangers.

Kitzhaber spokeswoman Amy Wojcicki confirmed that the two spoke but wouldn't comment on whether Wehby asked about the OHA job.

In an interview Wehby explained that she has known Kitzhaber for over a decade and called to congratulate him, saying she didn't ask about any job but admitting she wants to stay involved in Oregon's healthcare system.

"Honestly, I'm looking at all sorts of options. I want to stay involved," she said, while stressing that healthcare shouldn't be a partisan issue. Addressing the opening at the OHA, she said, "Clearly that's where the health care decisions are being made."

The OHA oversees the Medicaid-funded Oregon Health Plan, which has expanded coverage to 300,000 low-income Oregonians under Obamacare.

Prior to the election, Wehby's campaign was rocked by allegations that many of the policy prescriptions posted on her campaign website were plagiarized, including one for reforming healthcare.

Wehby removed the alleged plagiarized portions, leaving the web pages blank.