Boston couple 'sucker punches' city worker because they don't 'take sh*t from n*ggers'
Robert G. Snyder and Shayla Witts are accused of assaulting a MTBA employee (MTBA Transit Police)

A Boston couple is facing charges for assault and civil rights violations after they were accused of brutally attacking a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) worker, who they described with racial epithets.

A Transit Police arrest report obtained by the Boston Globe said that the 29-year-old MBTA employee was escorting an intoxicated passenger at the Orange Line station early Sunday morning when he was sucker-punched by 45-year-old Robert G. Snyder.

Snyder reportedly put the victim in a headlock, allowing 28-year-old Shayla Witts to also punch him and rip out his hair.

Police responding to the scene found a trail of blood about 30 feet long that included hair extensions pulled from the victim's head.

The victim was taken to Tufts Medical Center to be treated for bleeding and bruising on his face.

The arrest report said that Snyder smiled as he admitted that he "punched him a few times."

Witts said that the incident started when “some black girl with attitude" told them the station was closing for the evening.

“She stated Snyder struck the employee in retaliation," the charging document stated.

During the interview, police said that both suspects “repeatedly referred to three MBTA employees present" with racial epithets.

Witts told police that "her man" had “done 17 years in prison, and doesn't take sh*t from n*ggers."

“She also stated she, ‘isn’t down with the n*ggers,’” police wrote.

The pair was scheduled to appear in Boston Municipal Court on Monday on charges of aggravated assault and battery on an MBTA employee and criminal civil rights violations.