Christian 'branding agency' seeks $1 million for 'McMass' project to put McDonald's in churches
McMass (Screen capture)

A design firm committed to using "cutting edge communication technology to empower the 21st century church" started a new project, "McMass," in which it aims to reinvigorate the flock by opening McDonald's franchises in churches.

Lux Dei Design, "a church branding agency," is attempting to confront what it calls the "vacant church problem" -- the fact that in addition to declining attendance for services, many churches are empty and entirely unused on days on which there are no services.

"We realized," they wrote in a statement on the McMass website, "that a design approach -- an entrepreneurial approach -- had the potential to revolutionize how churches engage with the world. We want to see churches return to the center of everyday life, and the way to engage with our modern culture is through innovation."

"Churches are community centers, but need to attract people and support themselves financially," and "McDonald's are profitable, and draw constant crowds, but need great, centrally-located spaces," so together, Lux Dei Design contends, "a McDonald's Church will support itself and become increasingly active in its community."

Increased activity does not come cheaply, however, as the group's IndieGoGo fundraiser indicates that that they will need at least $1 million to launch a pilot McDonald's Church.

"These funds," Lux Dei assures potential donors, "go primarily towards purchasing a franchise, with twenty percent devoted to construction, and establishing the necessary infrastructure within and around the church."

As for the location of the first McDonald's church, Lux Dei is still searching for "a suitable partner church to work with."

Watch McMass's IndieGoGo promotional video below.