Cops shoot woman after boyfriend asks for help in dispute: 'Why would you kill her?'
Aura Rosser (WXYZ)

A Michigan man said he doesn’t understand why police shot and killed his girlfriend during a domestic dispute call at his home.

Victor Stephens said he called police about 11:45 p.m. Sunday seeking help because his 40-year-old girlfriend, who he said had a history of mental illness, became belligerent after they had been drinking.

"Me and her, we had an argument,” Stephens said. “Glass was being broke, so I called the police to escort her out.”

Ann Arbor police officers arrived a short time later and found Aura Rosser holding a fish knife in a well-lit area of the house.

The 54-year-old Stephens said he was in another part of the house when police announced their arrival, and he stopped moving – but he said Rosser turned toward them.

"They said 'freeze,' and the next thing I know I heard (gunshots)," Stephens said.

He doesn’t understand why police used their guns instead of nonlethal weapons, such as Tasers.

"Why would you kill her? He shot her in the head and in the chest," Stephens said. "It was a woman with a knife. It doesn't make any sense."

Stephens said he had been dating the woman, who has two sons and a daughter, for about nine months.

"Her daughter just turned 12. She had a son 15 and another one 19," Stephens said.

Neighbors said the couple frequently fought and police had been called to the home several times before.

Stephens said the woman had moved in with him to get away from personal troubles in the Detroit area.

Stephens, who became owner of the home in October 2013 after it was left to him in a will, was released from prison in June in connection with a home invasion.

Michigan State Police are investigating the shooting.

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