Creepy: Penn. police search for man prowling Amish and Mennonite womens' homes
'Amish Girl Walking In A Field Touching The Grass' [Shutterstock]

Authorities in Pennsylvania are searching for a man allegedly breaking into Amish and Mennonite womens' rural homes and assaulting them, WGAL-TV reported on Wednesday.

State Trooper Ryan Lawrence said the latest victim, a 21-year-old woman, told police that the suspect crawled into her bedroom through a window and touched her hands.

"The woman told me she was shocked to find a man in her bedroom,” Lawrence said. "She says she screamed and swatted his hands away. She told me she can't understand why anyone would want to attack her."

The man then allegedly left the woman's home.

LancasterOnline reported that the suspect has also been linked to two other incidents earlier this year in which the victims said they were "touched and fondled" in their homes. The first victim was described as a 14-year-old girl. No items were reported as stolen following either encounter.

Watch WGAL's report, as posted online on Wednesday, below.