'Dixie'-singing neo-Confederate creationist elected in wealthy Maryland county
MD GOP candidate Michael Peroutka press conference (YouTube)

Voters in one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. elected a neo-Confederate Republican to serve on their council.

Michael Peroutka won election Tuesday to the Anne Arundel County Council in Maryland, reported Right Wing Watch, despite claiming the state’s General Assembly is “no longer a valid legislative body” because it passed laws, such as marriage equality legislation, that “violate God’s law.”

The 2004 Constitution Party presidential candidate drew the support of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and conservative Pat Buchanan, and he promoted his campaign on a white nationalist radio program.

Peroutka also promoted “Dixie” – which is about a freed slave who longs to return to plantation life -- as the national anthem at a southern secessionist conference in 2012, when he urged withdrawal from the U.S. to impose biblical laws.

More recently, he has donated a dinosaur skeleton to the Creation Museum and been elected to serve on the board of the neo-Confederate League of the South.

Watch video of Peroutka singing "Dixie" in this video posted online by RWW Blog: