'F*cking b*tch!': GOP supporters 'assault' reporters for broadcasting during Texas campaign prayer
KTRK's Deborah Wrigley stops attack on fellow reporter at GOP event (Instagram/Isiah "Factor" Carey)

A supporter at an event for Lt. Governor-elect Dan Patrick (R-TX) allegedly assaulted a reporter because he tried to broadcast during a Christian prayer.

According to blogger Mike McGuff, KTRK reporter Foti Kallergis and other members of the media had been invited to a watch party with Patrick's supporters on election night.

"Nice! Just got assaulted by someone live on air," Kallergis tweeted at the time.

Blogger Juanita Jean obtained a photo of someone at the event trying to pull the Patrick supporter off of Kallergis.

And KRIV's Isiah "Factor" Carey posted an Instagram photo showing KTRK's Deborah Wrigley intervening.

"Deborah Wrigley from channel 13 had to step in and stop the Republican supporter (tan jacket) from attacking her fellow reporter (black suit) on the air," Carey wrote. "The man was offended because the reporter was live on air during a prayer at Lt.Governor Elect Dan Patrick's watch party."

To make matters worse, Carey said that another one of Patrick's supporters approached Wrigley and "called her a f*cking b*tch."

"Keep in mind this is during a physical assault over interrupting a prayer," he added. "Where was Jesus in this room?"

Watch the video below of Patrick's victory speech via KTRK.