Florida cop breaks 14-year-old girl's arm during warrantless cell phone search
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Florida parents are calling for a Greenacres Police Department officer to be fired after he reportedly broke their 14-year-old daughter's arm while attempting a warrantless search of her cell phone.

According to an arrest report published by the Broward-Palm Beach New Times this week, Officer Jared Nash explained that he approached the 14-year-old girl at John I. Leonard High School on Oct. 21 because he believed that she had video of a fight on her cell phone.

Nash described the girl, who was talking on the cell phone, as "uncooperative." He said that she pushed him back as she tried to get past him to walk away.

"When she did this I took a hold of her left arm," he wrote, adding that he gave her a verbal command to "stop and put the phone down."

"[She] then began to twist and pull her arm around in an increased physical level trying to pull away," Nash explained. "I then tried placing [her] left hand behind her back to secure her in handcuffs due to her pushing me, her increasing attempts to break away from my grasp, and continuing to try hand the phone to [her friend] despite my orders not to."

Nash took the girl into custody, but she later complained of pain and was taken to Palms West Hospital, but his report does not mention what she was treated for. She was eventually charged with resisting an officer without violence.

The girl's father provided X-rays to blogger Davy V. showing multiple breaks in her arm.

The father said that Nash had only gone to the school because he had filed a police report about his daughter being bullied days earlier, and that his daughter had been uncooperative with the officer because she was on the phone with her mother when her arm was broken.

"We initiated a police report, and [the police] ended up causing more harm than anyone," he pointed out.

He also said that the school had surveillance video of Nash breaking his daughter's arm, but officials were refusing to release it.

"They have already admitted that there is a video, so they can't go back now and say that there isn't," he told Davy V.

As for Nash, the father wants him removed from the force.

"They are saying that the officer's excessive force was justified because they say my daughter pulled away from him," Galindo noted. "So one of your officers breaks a minor's arm and you don't investigate?"

"I want him fired."

Greenacres internal affairs spokesperson Lt. Brady Myers told the New Times that he could not comment on the case because an investigation was ongoing.

"You saw the pictures on the internet, didn't you?" Myers replied when he was asked to confirm that the girl's arm was broken.

The Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that police must have a warrant to search cell phones and other personal electronic devices.

The arrest report is embedded below via the New Times.

Greenacres Cop Jared Nash Accused of Breaking 14-Year-Old Girl's Arm During Arrest

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