Fox host: Real reason liberals dumped Cosby isn't rape -- he 'ridiculed ghetto talk and thuggery'

Fox News host Howard Kurtz on Tuesday argued that liberals had only "turned on" Bill Cosby after rape allegations recently resurfaced because he was notorious for criticizing the black community.

After comedian Hannibal Buress said that Cosby was a rapist, and he did not have the right to "talk down" to black people last month, allegations that the 77-year-old comedian sexually assaulted over a dozen women have turned into a media frenzy. And two women have made new statements against Cosby.

But in a Fox News column on Tuesday, Kurtz insisted that the real reason that liberals had taken the opportunity to abandon the actor was because the "African-American superstar... dared take on his own community."

"Conservatives, who admire the way that Cosby has spoken out against dysfunction and lousy parenting in black families, are skeptical," Kurtz wrote. "Liberals, who view themselves as champions of women’s rights, are abandoning him."

The Fox News host recalled that Cosby had "ridiculed ghetto talk and thuggery" in the black community.

"People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now you have these knuckleheads walking around," Cosby said in 2004. "The lower economic people are not holding up their end of the deal. These people are not parenting.”

Kurtz explained the liberal exodus by pointing to a 2006 article from the ultra-conservative website Human Events:

This attack went against the grain of politically correct rhetoric that defines white racism as the cause and black inequality as the result. Cosby was attacked both for his flippant tone and because his argument appeared to ‘blame the victim’ for the racial inequality and racial injustice suffered. Cosby was attacked as being a successful elitist, an African American who had achieved success and was now embarrassed by less-fortunate African Americans.

Kurtz admitted that even though the allegations were unproven, "an awful lot of women have come forward with similar stories."

"Given that Cosby is 77 and some of the allegations are ancient, the country would probably be divided in any event. But his status as a polarizing figure in the debate over race and poverty is deepening those divisions."

Watch the video below from Fox News.