Fresno college student, stressed over midterms,  arrested for sexually assaulting campus sheep
Sheep in a meadow in the mountains (Shutterstock)

A Fresno State college student has been arrested for sexually assaulting a sheep belonging to the campus agricultural school following a night of heavy drinking because he was stressed over exams, reports ABC7.

The 23-year-old unidentified computer engineering student was taken into custody by Fresno police after receiving a call from a student who heard noises coming from the barn. Investigating, the student found the man sexually assaulting a ewe.

Student Marisa Burkdoll, who oversees the care of horses for the school's ag college was appalled, calling the attack "revolting."

"It's just kind of disgusting and revolting and personally makes me angry," she said. "I mean why would you do that?"

Burkdoll learned of the attack through social media in what students at the school are calling "the sheep incident."

"There was a post that said something about the sheep unit at Fresno State and some guy was trying to have sex with the lambs," said Burkdoll.

Burkdoll believes the student, who told police he drank an unknown amount of alcohol because he was stressed about midterm exams, should go to prison, saying, "It's just kind of sick it's unnatural and the animals they can't really, I mean they can't defend themselves, they can to an extent but they're innocent you know what I mean?"

School veterinarians are currently monitoring the health of the ewe, while one student set up a Twitter account in the sheep's name.

The arrested student was was charged with sexual assault of an animal and has since been released from jail.

Watch the video below from ABC7: