GOP lawmaker claims evolution doesn't square with facts: 'Big or little, dogs are still dogs!'
South Carolina state Sen. Mike Fair (YouTube)

A Republican lawmaker in South Carolina is upset that kids in public schools won't be taught to doubt the theory of evolution. He says teaching creationism is only considered unconstitutional because of "judicial activism."

In June, the South Carolina's State Board of Education rejected a proposal to revise the state science standards to require students to "construct scientific arguments that seem to support and scientific arguments that seem to discredit Darwinian natural selection."

On Monday, state Sen. Mike Fair addressed that decision in an op-ed published by Greenville Online.

"Do I believe evolution occurs. Certainly. Evolution means change and it is observable in that sense. There are big dogs and little dogs but big or little dogs are all still dogs. Change occurred but change cannot occur outside the phylum to which dogs belong. Do you really believe that last statement is violative of the establishment clause? Neither do I," he wrote.

Fair complained the U.S. Supreme Court had effectively amended the Constitution with a "series of narrow decisions" that prohibited the teaching of creationism in public schools. The Supreme Court has held that teaching creationism in science classes violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Fair claimed the courts had "defined science so as to exclude any theory or information not contained in naturalism — also known as Darwin’s theory of Evolution."

He also denied that Intelligent Design was a religious theory about the origins of life. Proponents of Intelligent Design claim that life is so complex that it must have been created by an intelligent being.

"Another court case ruled 'Intelligent Design' violated the Establishment Clause and was therefore ruled unconstitutional. 'Intelligent Design' is an explanation for the cause for specified complexity. It is not a theological construct. It is hard for me to believe that 'intelligence' has been ruled unconstitutional in the public schools!"

Fair concluded by castigating the courts for harming kids' education.

"Unfortunately, our youth are paying the price. Why should a young person care about character if he is just a random conglomeration of particles which is the essence of Darwin’s gradualism."

"We all are here for a purpose and Darwin’s random causes and gradualism simply do not fit with the facts and discoveries."