Jimmy Swaggart's son: LGBT activists would behead Christians if they could

Pastor and Christian activists Donnie Swaggart said during a recent broadcast of the Houston, Texas talk show Frances and Friends that LGBT activists are like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in that they want to destroy Christianity and behead its practitioners.

According to Right Wing Watch, Swaggart -- the son of disgraced 1980s televangelist Jimmy Swaggart -- made the statements in response to local efforts to enforce the city of Houston's anti-discrimination ordinance.

"All of this is to shut the Bible up," Swaggart said. "They want the Bible gone. And I'm going to make a statement: These people that are trying to do this in Houston, the only difference between them and ISIS, those thugs in Iraq, is those here cannot chop our heads off. That's the only difference. The heart is the same. The heart is the same. If they could silence us that way to intimidate others, that's exactly what they would do."

Swaggart's father, Jimmy Swaggart was caught with a prostitute in a hotel room located along New Orleans' notoriously sleazy Airport Highway in 1987. He made a dramatic, tearful public apology on his television network -- although he declined to specifically name the "sin" he was apologizing for.

In spite of the apology, Swaggart's multi-million dollar empire was rocked to its foundations and never fully recovered. It was one of the most high-profile falls from grace in the history of the U.S. evangelical Christian community, second only perhaps to the rape and corruption scandal that took down fellow televangelist Jim Bakker.

Watch video of Swaggart's outburst, embedded below via Right Wing Watch: