John Oliver takes over 'Daily Show' so Jon Stewart can promote his movie
Jon Stewart, John Oliver (The Daily Show)

Not wanting to plug his own movie on his own nightly show, Jon Stewart turned over the hosting duties of "The Daily Show" to former cast-member John Oliver who promptly sent Stewart off while he interviewed the producers and stars of the upcoming film, "Rosewater."

A hoarse-voiced Stewart, who has been making the media rounds on TV and in print promoting the film, claimed he felt "weird" plugging own movie.

Pulling a Queen Elizabeth-emblazoned tea pot from beneath his desk, Stewart rubbed the pot summoning Oliver -- who recently left "The Daily Show" for his own program on HBO -- to the strains of "God Save The Queen."

Asking if he felt up to hosting the show, Oliver reminded Stewart that he had already hosted the show for three months while Stewart was off making the film, saying, “I’ll take another spin in the non-premium cable host chair.”

Oliver then sat down and welcomed correspondent Jason Jones and producer Tim Greenberg, who worked on "The Daily Show" segment that inspired the movie.

As Oliver attempted to interview the pair, Stewart bounced around behind him, cheering, on before being sent off by Oliver.

Watch the video posted online by "The Daily Show":