Men's rights activist: Civilization fails when women and their vaginas are allowed in the workplace
Paul Elam (Facebook)

The founder of A Voice for Men, Paul Elam, went on "ManStream Media" to discuss how women have forever ruined the workplace and ended the possibility of humanity ever doing anything "excellent" again.

"There's just a different way that men do things with each other," he said, "and it results in excellence. In civilization. In the aqueducts being built. To people landing on the moon and cures being found to disease."

Elam offered as an example of such excellence what happens at a construction site when some "newbie comes in and accidentally pulls the trigger on the nail gun and plants one in his leg. They're not going to rush around him crying, they'll say, 'That'll teach his ass. When he comes back to the job, he won't do that again.' But they will get him medical care."

"I'm sorry, ladies," he continued, "but if we want society to advance, we need to leave men alone to do their work -- to do their thing and be with each other to get things done. Because that's how it works."

Therapist Tom Golden agreed, saying, "we've eliminated that from this country, and we're paying the price for it. We are no longer excellent, and I think that can be attributed to the lack of male space."

"The workplace, for instance, it's incredible how men in the workplace used to just get on each other -- they'd harass each other, basically," he said. "But women came into the workplace, and they said, 'Wait, you can't do what you've done for years! You've got to be nice at work!'"

"And the men were like, 'What? Now I can't say anything at all?'" to which the women, Golden claimed, said "'That's right!'"

"'Hi!'" Elam interjected, pretending to be a woman, "'I have a vagina and a whole new set of rules! Never mind what's worked for thousands of years, because I'm female and I know how to make 9,000 people work together to build a bridge across two miles of river!'"

Watch the entire conversation below via YouTube.