'SNL' mocks potheads' inability to understand New York City's new weed policy
Saturday Night Live (Screen Capture)

Last night, Saturday Night Live -- hosted by longtime marijuana advocate Woody Harrelson -- mocked potheads who are incapable of understanding New York City's new possession laws.

As the skit begins, the words "A New Day" are superimposed over a helicopter shot of the city, before cutting to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio at a news conference saying that arresting people for possessing less than 25 grams of marijuana is counterproductive.

A man sporting a light dusting of Funyun onion-flavored corn snack leans forward on his couch, captivated by the revelation that he can now carry 25 grams of marijuana on the streets without fear of being arrested.

Other individuals, also stereotypically stoned, emerge from their houses, until a crowd forms and peacefully walks down the street, where they encounter a policeman who "educates" them as to the limitations of the new policies.

Watch the entire short film below via Saturday Night Live on YouTube: