WATCH: John Oliver shares the harsh facts of life in Britain with Cookie Monster
John Oliver and Cookie Monster (Screen capture)

John Oliver stopped by Sesame Street today and almost broke the heart of the beloved Muppet Cookie Monster on the eve of his trip to the United Kingdom.

"Me got passport for UK," Cookie Monster said. "Me got work permit for UK."

"Good," Oliver replied.

"How do you say 'Hello' in UK?" Cookie Monster asked.

"You just say 'Hello,' that's it. It's the same."

"Me got it."

"Things in the UK," Oliver said, "aren't that different from the US, Biscuit Monster."

"What, sorry? Who Biscuit Monster?"

"You are," Oliver replied.

"No! Me Cookie Monster!" he shouted, beginning to shake. "Me knew things would be different in the UK. There no cookies! There no cookies!"

Oliver tried to assuage the distraught monster, but he was essentially inconsolable.

Watch the pair's entire conversation via the official Sesame Street YouTube page below.