Wendy Davis projected to lose Texas gubernatorial race to GOP's Greg Abbott
Wendy Davis 090914 [MSNBC]

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) is projected to win the Texas gubernatorial race over state Sen. Wendy Davis (D), the New York Times reported.

Abbott won the support of 57.5 percent of the state's voters compared to Davis' 41 percent, a convincing victory in what state Democrats thought would be the culmination of a wave of support Davis garnered after her 10-hour filibuster last June that delayed the passage of HB2, an anti-abortion law that severely restricted reproductive health choices in the state.

Instead, Davis' campaign trailed Abbott by as many as 13 points in some surveys just a year later.

Davis was accused of embellishing and fabricating parts of her autobiography, on top of being the subject of sexist attacks by conservatives.

Last month, Davis was also criticized for a campaign ad featuring a wheelchair that attacked Abbott, who is disabled.