Yesterday, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales issued a challenge to pro-GamerGate forces to write a Wikipedia article on the controversy that met the online encyclopedia's standards:

As anti-GamerGater Chris Kluwe noted:

The pro-GamerGaters were more optimistic, though, and got off to a good start:

David Pakman thought he might be up to the task:

But others were less enthused, in part because they didn't understand what was being asked of them:

While others found a new, related cause to champion:

Which is not to say that some didn't try to rein their peers in:

But to no effect:

Wales himself seemed to agree:

Not that some GamerGaters cared:

Others, however, promised they could do better:

And then, as things on the Internet will, it just deteriorated:

Which is another way of saying, as Kluwe later tweeted:

Raw Story noticed that Kluwe was accused of advocating genocide by some of the GamerGaters, and asked him a simple question -- which people are you trying to wipe from the face of the Earth and why?