Women who have sex before marriage are like 'filthy dishrags,' California pastor roars
Paul Chappell (YouTube)

A California pastor compared women who had sex before marriage to “filthy dishrags” in a sermon posted online.

Paul Chappell, founder and president of West Coast Baptist College and pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church, lamented what he perceives to be a lack of purity and modesty among women.

“One wonders, whatever happened to purity?” he asked in the sermon. “Whatever happened to that? Whatever happened to the days when girls said, I’m not going to be touched by every guy? I’m not going to walk down the aisle like a filthy dishrag on my wedding day. Whatever happened to that day?”

He insisted he meant no offense to anyone who had sinned, but he complained about perceived criticism of a recent “purity pledge” that drew the participation of hundreds of teens at his church.

“I don’t want to sound weird tonight, (but) there’s a reason when ladies come up here to sing that the rule, if you want to use it, the standard – I don’t care what you call it, call it legalism, call it control – I don’t care what you call it, there is a standard in this church that the dresses are going to come down to the knee when a lady stands up here,” Chappell said.

He said he’s been asked why he’s so “old-fashioned.”

“I’ve counseled too many men to know that if we don’t have everything covered just right they’re not going to wonderful grace and Jesus,” Chappell said, as men in the crowd shouted “amen.”

“I get so sick and tired of going to weddings and, it’s the bride’s day, and here’s some Jezebel with hardly any clothes on strutting around the wedding,” he said. “Look – you come to a wedding around here, show some respect to the bride. You go to a funeral, women do the exact same thing.”

“You come to the house of God, it ought not to be a flesh show!” Chappell roared. “It ought to be a place where Jesus is lifted high and his holiness is remembered.”

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