2014 Pandagon Playlist

Merry Pie For Breakfast And Discount Shopping Day! This day, when you spend that check your parents/grandparents gave you on stuff that's priced to move before New Year's Day, is as all-American a holiday as Christmas itself. Maybe more so, because we can all indulge without a bunch of right wing Christians bleating about "the reason for the season" being Jesus and just admit it's shopping. So whether you're going to hit the shops or the internet sales (though it's beautiful outside in much of the country, so why not get your Vitamin D, folks?), I thought instead of going back to politics right away, I'd share my end-of-year playlist. So here it is:

Little something for most everyone on here: Garage rock, 90s-style Sonic Youth-esque stuff, R&B, hip-hop, power pop, actual pop, and dance music like house and disco. A lot of it for my end-of-year lists, in fact. This was a really good year for dance music, with a lot of people doing albums in throwback styles, probably in reaction to the cold, hard nature of modern EDM. People want to inject a little warmth back into the music, so why not turn to the soaring strings of disco or the cheery piano and diva singing style of 90s-style house? Hell, maybe Dee-Lite will have a reunion tour. A girl can dream.

If you celebrate Christmas---or half-celebrate, as we do in my presents-but-no-tree house, what did you do? Anything fun? We had an unexpectedly exciting day when the cats found a mouse and commenced to torture it by playing mouse volleyball with it until I intervened and saved it. I guess I should have not named them Dusty and Molly but Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. But the incident, despite the lack of murder as a finale, filled them with sadistic holiday cheer to go along with our glee at getting new games, books, and T-shirts. Everyone wins but the poor mouse.

Now off to go spend my Christmas money on my endless desire for more vinyl records.