5 creepy Merry Christmas messages from the Right Wing
image via Instagram

As we all know, the Right Wing has single-handedly defeated the non-existent war against Christmas. And they still have time to send out Merry Christmas greetings that are totally creepy. Come to think of it, they may be the behind an unintentional war against Christmas because these scary and sad social media shout messages are pretty much the worst PR Christmas could get. So (try to) enjoy!

Newt Gingrich's Merry Christmas card: dead behind the eyes. 

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Dana Loesch asks herself What Would Jesus Do? Answer: spend Christmas day retweeting 18 self-promoting tweets about her pro-gun book.

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A Youtube video from Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA): a lump of coal for the President and a pro-coal message (because consistency is important and unimportant)

The NRA says Merry Christmas with a... rifle and a dangling house?

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 John Boehner's Vine: so good, it will give you a boehner!