A confederacy of sociopaths or: What Dick Cheney did while America was cowering
Bloody flag (Shutterstock)

The "Torture Report" is out today and it is every bit as horrific as you might expect, unless your idea of a good time is being "rectally rehydrated and fed."

Subtitled, "What Dick Cheney Did While America Was Cowering," it paints a devastating picture of a CIA going way past rogue and into serial killer territory in the service of failing spectacularly at getting any actionable information worth a damn ... while lying about it all the damn way.

Of course the security apparatus gave it their best shot in those heady pre-torture days before 9/11 with a report to George W. Bush entitled "Bin Laden determined to strike in US," that Bush set aside because 'tl;dr' and, besides, there was brush to be cut back at Rancho Borracho. After 9/11, I guess the CIA felt they had to make up for his failings, and they went nuts with it with the blessings -- and averted eyes -- of the Bush Administration.

While most American's will be fairly appalled at what was done in their name, there are some bitter clingers who still harbor misty water-colored memories of the way we warred.

A sampling from Twitter today:

For true derp, there is this because #Gruberghazi:

This, however, is the BEST:

“The United States of America is awesome, we are awesome,” she [Andrea Tantaros] said. “But we’ve had this discussion. We’ve closed the book on it, and we’ve stopped doing it. And the reason they want to have this discussion is not to show how awesome we are. This administration wants to have this discussion to show us how we’re not awesome.”