Bill Maher on Cosby's accusers: 'There's no glamour in saying an old creep forced himself on you'
Bill Maher (YouTube)

Comedian Bill Maher told the Star-Advertiser that he did not have to reconsider his opinion of Bill Cosby after allegations of serial rape surfaced -- because he already believed Cosby was a "nightmare" to women.

"I knew an actress who worked on a movie with him in the ’80s," Maher said. "She did not say that he tried to drug her, but she did say that for the first two weeks, he tried every day to [sleep with] her, and when it became clear that she wouldn't, he made it a nightmare for her being on that set."

"So," he added, "I’ve never liked that guy, and I’ve never thought he was funny."

Maher did note that the current media climate is one in which "anyone can say anything," but he differentiated between the allegations against Cosby and those made against other celebrities.

"This is not like Woody Allen or Michael Jackson," he said. "Woody Allen had one accuser with a clear reason to hate him."

"This is 24 accusers over three or four decades -- that's a lot of smoke. You have to look at motivation. What motivation could Beverly Johnson have?" he asked, referring to the former supermodel who accused Cosby of giving her a drugged cappuccino and attempting to rape her.

"[Johnson] has fame, she has money," Maher said. "There’s no glamour in saying an old creep forced himself on you."