Blogger who exposes social media racists says 4chan hackers are 'hunting' for her
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Are you Internet savvy, with an interest in exposing racists to consequences, and willing to work for free? There is a job opening you may be interested in.

The moderator of “Racists Getting Fired” says she’s ready to give up control of her Tumblr blog shortly after its launch after receiving threats to reveal her personal information online.

The woman, who has not revealed her name, shares screen shots of racist comments and images posted on social media, along with contact information for the person’s employer, and urges followers to lodge complaints.

She posted the apologies of several of these racists who were fired or suspended from their jobs, along with statements of apology from employers who were contacted by the blog’s followers.

Racists Getting Fired attracted nearly 40,000 followers in a matter of days, along with about 15,000 submissions in the first eight hours of its existence – apparently proving comedian Chris Rock’s quip in the aftermath of the grand jury decision on the Ferguson police shooting.

“Just found a new app that that tells you which one of your friends are racist,” Rock tweeted Nov. 26. “It's called Facebook. #FergusonDecision.”

The blogger set new guidelines for submissions after a vengeful ex-boyfriend set up a phony Facebook account and posted racist remarks he attributed to his ex-girlfriend and sent a screen capture to Racists Getting Fired.

But she said Tuesday that the blog had grown too quickly too fast, and she was trying to find someone else to take over after receiving online threats.

“i began this blog much to publicly, with an excess of personal information bc i could not have forseen the skyrocketting of attention this blog has received,” the blogger posted. “i was not prepared for the legal threats, nor for being hunted by 4chan doxxers and other anti-social justice websites. so it is too late for me.”

She asked for at least five new moderators to take over the work she’d started, but she reminded candidates to closely guard their personal data before becoming involved.

“for your safety and for the longevity of this movement, you need to be damn well versed in the language of online security, you need to be able to mask your presence and cover your tracks,” she said. “i will only consider serious inquiries.”