Fox News psychiatrist: Body cameras, de-escalation training are 'an insult to police officers'
Fox News contributor Keith Ablow (screen grab)

Fox News resident psychiatrist and Medical A-Team member Dr. Keith Ablow asserted on Monday that it was "an insult to police officers" to provide them body cameras and additional de-escalation training.

Following the murder of two NYPD officers over the weekend, Ablow argued that Mayor Bill de Blasio "has to, just out of intellectual honesty, assume responsibility for launching a hate offensive against New York police officers."

Ablow pointed out that the mayor had said that his son, who is black, was at a higher risk for being killed by police officers just like Eric Garner, an unarmed man who died after being put in a chokehold.

"And if the mayor says I don't think I'm responsible in any way for someone that took murderous revenge on officers then it is unbelievable," the Fox News contributor continued. "This guy has to go or the city is in bad hands."

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade added that he was outraged over de Blasio's initiative to provide de-escalation training to officers in response to Garner's homicide.

"What an insult that is," Kilmeade complained.

"The whole policing program with wearing body cameras and the rest of it is an insult to police officers," Ablow agreed.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Dec. 22, 2014