From disabled 'goblin topplers' to 'Frozen is my life': The 10 most ridiculous lawsuits of 2014
Boy Scout leaders in Goblin Valley State Park (YouTube)

Faces of Lawsuits Abuse has compiled its list of the "Top 10 most ridiculous lawsuits of 2014," including a Boy Scout leader who was suing for disability benefits at the same time he was filmed toppling over a rock formation in a Utah state park, to a woman who claimed the Disney animated film 'Frozen' -- about a princess with cryokinetic ice powers -- was based upon her life.

Leading the list is Glenn Taylor, the Utah Boy Scout leader who was filmed pushing over a massive ancient stone formation -- called a "goblin" -- in Utah's Goblin State Park, just weeks after filing a a personal injury lawsuit, claiming a back injury described as  "serious, permanent and debilitating.”  Alan MacDonald, the defendant in Taylor's suits, told Salt Lake City television station KTVX, “Someone with a bad back who’s disabled, who can’t enjoy life, to me, doesn’t step up and push a rock that big off the base.”

The website also cited California Little League coach Alan Beck for suing the family of one of his players for $600,000 after he was struck on the head by the player's helmet, thrown in the air as part of a victory celebration.

Other notables include:

A New York man who sued New York City for "two undecillion dollars" ($2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) after being bitten by a dog on a bus.

Roy Ortiz, a Colorado man who sued the rescuers who pulled him flood waters for $500,000, claiming that emergency responders didn’t rescue him fast enough.

A New York woman who sued the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Showtime, claiming a poster for the Showtime series 'Dexter' startled her, causing her to break her ankle  as she fell down the stairs at the Grand Central Terminal.

A California woman, who sued restaurant chain Jimmy John’s “claiming that a sandwich she ordered was supposed to contain sprouts but did not.”

Author Isabella Tanikumi who sued The Walt Disney Company for $250 million, claiming the studio stole the idea for the popular animated film 'Frozen'  -- the story of a princess with the ability to produce ice, frost and snow at will -- from her autobiography ' Living My Truth.'