Pennsylvania cop admits to dragging man from moving patrol car for not 'comprehending'
Angry police officer with a nightstick (Shutterstock)

A Butler, Pennsylvania man is threatening to sue local police officers for dragging him by the arm from a moving patrol vehicle, the Free Thought Project reported.

The man, identified by police in the video as Dave Stewart, filmed part of the encounter with three officers and posted it online on Sunday.

"You grabbed me out of your car door while you were driving," Stewart tells one officer, identified as Officer David Adams.

"Exactly," Adams responds.

"Is it a common procedure to reach out of your car, while you're driving and grab someone?" Stewart asks.

"It's very common when somebody's not comprehending or listening to anything I'm saying," Adams says.

The officer is also visibly agitated while repeatedly asking Stewart, "What, Dave? What is it?"

Stewart says that Adams accosted him while he was walking with a female friend. Shortly afterwards, he says, a police car drives past them and slows down, while another person called out from behind them.

He then says he was struck by another vehicle "traveling the wrong way in the oncoming lane" drove over the curb and hit him. Adams does not deny reaching out and grabbing Stewart from inside the vehicle and dragging him alongside it for "a few yards." Another officer, identified as Jeremy Walters, then reportedly grabbed him.

The video picks up after Stewart's description of being hit, with officers asking for his name.

"Why do you need to know who I am?" Stewart asks.

"We're investigating an incident," a third, unidentified officer says. The officer later tells him it's "none of [his] business."

Stewart argues that the encounter was connected to a separate incident this past July in which Walters took his phone away for filming them, calling it a wiretap violation. Stewart was later found guilty of criminal mischief by a local judge.

Stewart and the woman are let go toward the end of the six-minute clip. As they begin to leave, Walters can be heard saying, "I hope all of your little nerd friends on Facebook love it."

Watch Stewart's account of the incident, as posted online on Sunday, below.