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Russell Brand attacks Christmas ads: ‘What is our ideology? Worship of Christ or worship of products?’



Russell Brand released a special Christmas-themed episode of The Trews in which he attacked the transformation of love into a commodity in an English department store’s Christmas advertisement.

“What is our ideology?” he began by asking. “Is it the worship of Christ or the worship of products?”

He then started watching a Christmas advertisement for British department store John Lewis, which features a lonely boy and his penguin friend, Monty, in “a tale of friendship, love and giving someone the gift they’ve been dreaming of this Christmas.”


“Now I want to understand this penguin,” Brand began. “I mean, I’m peripherally aware of this penguin even as a person who doesn’t watch loads of TV, like all of us these days.”

He then cuts to a clip of the boy and his penguin playing on a trampoline. “I want to have this penguin in my house, I’m feeling this,” he said. “I was a lonely little boy, I’d have loved to have a penguin.”

Brand then notes that the music being played over the advertisement is “the usual breathy, singer-songwriter style of song,” before singing in a mocking voice, “Oh my god it’s Christmas time, go down to John Lewis with a penguin.”

After playing more of the maudlin song-backed clip, Brand says, “I’m really starting to feel some emotions — and anger, simultaneously. What are they selling?”

He cuts back to a clip of the penguin staring “enviously at a human couple,” and says, “they’re commodifying love! What does that penguin want?”


As the commercial continues, the boy and his penguin walk down the stairs to find a present under the tree — which is another penguin.

“You can’t just go around acquiring penguins as a solution to the world’s problems!” Brand exclaims. “You can’t solve life’s problems with penguins! This has got to be addressed.”

When the commercial reveals that the penguins were, in fact, stuffed like the tiger in Calvin and Hobbes, Brand shouts, “What? None of them were even real anyway? It turns out it’s a couple of bits of cloth this boy has been idealizing.”


As the song concludes, declaring that “it’s real love,” Brand says, “it’s not real love — it’s ‘go to John Lewis [department store]!’ Love has nothing to do with consuming, it’s the opposite. Love is, ‘don’t go to John Lewis, just cuddle each other.'”

Watch the entire episode of The Trews below via YouTube.


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WATCH: Virginia gun rights activist trashes MSNBC reporter’s live shot by shouting F-bombs



A gun rights activist in Virginia went ballistic on Monday when he saw an MSNBC correspondent reporting from a Second Amendment rally.

NBC's Gabe Gutierrez was finishing up his live report at the Richmond demonstration when a man burst into the shot.

The man rattled off a string of profanities and capped it off with "f*ck you." Several security guards blocked the man from getting close to Gutierrez.

"Apologies for some of the background noise you just heard," MSNBC host Hallie Jackson said as the network cut the sound.

Watch the video below from MSNBC.

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‘Major jealousy’: CNN panel of black voters tear Trump apart for continued Obama obsession



CNN on Monday hosted a panel of black voters from South Carolina to discuss the 2020 Democratic primary, but the conversation quickly derailed into a discussion of their mutual dislike for President Donald Trump.

During the discussion, CNN's Alisyn Camerota asked them if they were surprised that Trump kept bringing up Obama during his campaign rallies and in his tweets.

"There is a major jealousy there!" said South Carolina Democrat Alex Belk.

Democrat Vanity Deterville went so far as to say that Trump's election in 2016 was a "whitelash" against the country's first black president, and she accused the current president of using "emblazoned racism" to get himself elected.

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‘Devin Nunes keeps getting caught in one clumsy lie after another’: MSNBC’s Morning Joe



MSNBC's Joe Scarborough busted Rep. Devin Nunes for lying about his own role in President Donald Trump's scheme against Ukraine -- which he then tried to cover up during the impeachment inquiry.

House Democrats have released documents showing Nunes and his staffer Derek Harvey communicating with Lev Parnas, an associate of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani -- who directed efforts to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation of Joe Biden.

"Devin Nunes just keeps getting caught in one clumsy lie after another," Scarborough said. "Remember the facade of the press conference on both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue he made a total fool of himself lying about information he claimed to have, but he didn't have until the White House fed it to him."

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