Shell gas station toilet is a beacon of hope in these dark times

It's New Year's Eve and while the news continues to be awful and depressing, I didn't want to end the year waving my fist at yet another injustice in the world. So instead, I offer you this amazing video a man named Jason Godfrey made in the bathroom at a Bohol, Philippines Shell station. Where he found a really nice bathroom.

Man, I thought it was going to be like this Taco Bell/gas station bathroom I had to use on a road trip in Missouri recently. That bathroom was amazing: Clean with zero stalls that bore the results of some recent medical tragedy within them. A true miracle, I thought, causing me to run out and exclaim to my traveling companions that they had to pee in there, to bear witness to the miracle. (I assume my friends, like me, obey the campfire rule of bathrooms, which is to leave it how you found it.)

But this, fellow weary pissers, is another level. This bathroom will not only reassure you that not all is lost, but help restore your faith in humanity. There is no selfish reason for the owner of this gas station to make the bathroom so nice. The whole reason gas station bathrooms are hellholes is because the owners and employees correctly understand that full bladder beggars can't be choosers. So the only real reason that this bathroom is so nice is that someone decided to do this kindness upon the world. This is even better than when I discovered a cool Japanese toilet with a heated seat at a random restaurant. Damn, I'm getting a little teary.

Happy new year, everyone.