TLC special 'My Husband Is Not Gay' to feature gay Mormon men who marry women
My Husband's Not Gay (YouTube)

In January, TLC will air a special titled My Husband's Not Gay featuring three married Mormon couples in which the husband is, in fact, gay -- as well as one single man who identifies as homosexual, but is actively seeking a wife.

In the preview of the first episode, one of the couples' husbands says that "no marriage is perfect, and ours isn't either -- but we believe with our faith in God, we can overcome anything." Another says that he's "attracted to [his] wife for sure, but definitely attracted to men too."

When one of the wives is asked whether her husband a homosexual, she replies, "I get a little defensive when somebody calls my husband gay" -- even though earlier in the video, her husband admitted that he was primarily attracted to men.

The phenomenon of gay Mormon men marrying women is not new. In 2012, family therapist Josh Weed used the occasion of his 10th wedding anniversary to announce that he was now, and had always been, a gay man.

"One of the sad truths about being homosexual is that no matter what you decide for your future, you have to sacrifice something," he wrote. "It's very sad, but it is true. I think this is true of life in general as well."

Because of the depth of his faith in the Mormon Church, his sacrifice would be pursuing sexual and romantic relationships with men. "I wanted to raise children that were biologically the product of me and the one I love," he wrote.

"Thankfully, [his wife] Lolly was willing to marry me, and we found ourselves able to conceive children."

The TLC special will air in January.

Watch a preview of My Husband's Not Gay below via The Wrap on YouTube.