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Tragedy: Rare Sumatran tiger eats her cubs at Jerusalem Biblical Zoo



A rare Sumatran tiger in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo has killed and eaten her two five-week-old cubs in a blow to its captive breeding programme, its chief vet said Monday.

The mother tiger, named Hana, had given birth to three cubs after being mated with a tiger from Germany called Avigdor, Nili Avni-Magen told AFP.

“One cub died shortly after birth but the other two were in good health. We discovered they had been killed when we went to weigh them,” she said.


“We have no explanation for the behaviour of the mother, who had taken good care of them at the start.”

Listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, just 400 Sumatran tigers survive in the wild on the Indonesian island.

But captive breeding programmes have raised their number in zoos around the world to 261 from 180 in 2008. This year, 32 were born in captivity.

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, which boasts a collection of wildlife mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, is also known for its success in breeding endangered species.

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Trump’s inspector general firing will cripple intel agencies during the coronavirus crisis : National security analyst



On CNN Saturday, national security analyst Samantha Vinograd laid into President Donald Trump for firing intelligence community inspector general Michael Atkinson.

"Trump has decimated his own intelligence to date, and now he's continuing that pet project at a moment when, arguably, we need more, not fewer, competent professionals on board," said Vinograd. "This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for the entire U.S. government, including the U.S. intelligence community. In the face of the novel coronavirus, resources are strained. We have less intelligence professionals able to come to work and access classified servers. And rather than trying to marshal resources at this time, President Trump has removed a competent intelligence professional from a key post."

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Trump doesn’t have the brainpower around him to competently manage the multi-trillion dollar stimulus: historian



In a piece for Politico Magazine, historian Joshua Zeitz compared the brain trust at the top of Donald Trump's administration with the people President Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought in to pull the United States out of the Great Depression and found a large gap when it comes to experience and competency.

Using the current economic crisis facing the country as massive numbers of workers are forced out of their jobs while the country is in an almost total lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis, Zeitz claimed the massive multi-trillion dollar stimulus package handed to the president could be squandered which might require another bail-out for American workers.

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‘Pure retaliation’: Former House national security official slams Trump for firing inspector general



On Friday evening, President Donald Trump stunned observers by announcing he would be dismissing Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community inspector general who first relayed the whistleblower complaint about Trump's phone call with the president of Ukraine.

Daniel Goldman, a national security advisor for the House Intelligence Committee, slammed the decision on Saturday, calling it "pure retaliation" and noting that his only offense was following the law when the president did not.

I saw Michael Atkinson up close. He followed the law with the utmost integrity. He did nothing to lose Trump’s confidence other than lawfully and properly expose Trump’s misconduct and the ensuing efforts to cover it up. This is pure retaliation, retribution and reprisal. https://t.co/GStcTOJn4J

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