Unhappy holidays: Passenger removed from flight after 'Merry Christmas' meltdown
Angry man (Shutterstock.com)

An American Airlines passenger leaving LaGuardia Airport on Thursday was kicked off of his flight after a noisy meltdown over airline personnel's repeated greetings of "Merry Christmas."

According to the New York Post, the man was boarding American Airlines Flight 1140 to Dallas when a gate agent wished him a Merry Christmas.

"You shouldn't say that," the man reportedly said, "because not everyone celebrates Christmas."

The airline employee asked how the man would prefer to be greeted, but he only said, "Just don't say 'Merry Christmas!'" before he continued down the gangway.

When the passenger entered the plane cabin, a flight attendant greeted him by saying, "Merry Christmas," which sent the man into a rage.

The Post claimed that the man began to angrily berate the flight attendant and her coworkers and became so unruly that he had to be removed from the flight.

Other passengers reportedly clapped and cheered as the man was led away.