War on Christmas: Pittsburgh man shoots rifle at neighbor hanging Christmas lights
Santa with rifle (Shutterstock)

A Pittsburgh man has been taken into custody after attempting to shoot a neighbor with a rifle while he hung Christmas lights on his house, according to the AP.

Police arrested Richard Carter, 53, of Munhall, on charges of attempted homicide and several other counts after shooting at the neighbor Saturday afternoon.

According to police, Carter barricaded himself in his home, necessitating a SWAT team that eventually convinced the man to surrender after a two-hour standoff.

Police say they discovered spent rifle shell casings in the man's home, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition and at least two dozen guns.

According to Police Chief Patrick Campbell, Carter -- who has mental health issues --  is known to the local police.

Carter told investigators that he was mad at his neighbor for personal reasons.

The neighbor suffered a cut lip that police says was caused by a ricocheting bullet fragment.