WATCH: Employee channels '300' to fire up coworkers -- 'This is Target!'

As shoppers lined up outside a Michigan Target store, one of its employees gave a rousing pre-opening speech to his coworkers in the style of King Leonidas from the film 300.

"People of Target!" the employee, named Scott, yelled from atop a cashier's station, "hear me now!"

"They are standing out there, and any moment now, those doors will be breached. Whatever comes through those gates, you will stand your ground with a smile on your face!"

"They come here with bargains in their heads, and fire in their eyes!" he continued. "We will show them that we are not just the best store here, we are the best store anywhere! Because we are more than just a store. This is a team! This is a family! This is Target!"

When asked to comment on the video, a Target spokesman WILX that "[o]ne of our favorite parts of the holiday is watching our entire Target team bring the season to life in their own way. We want them to have fun, because we know when our team is having fun, so are our guests. Our team member Scott is one of countless team members who help make Target uniquely Target. We have long said that Thanksgiving weekend is to retail what a championship game is to sports. Scott is clearly quite a team player."

Watch the entire video via WILX 10 below.