Watch: Guilt-ridden killers plead with kids, telling them not to use guns
Screenshot from "Voices from Within" (Vimeo)

A moving new video entitled "Voices from Within" features tearful, guilt-ridden inmates imploring young people not to pick up guns, no matter how powerful it makes them feel.

"I know how it feels to have destroyed a family," says Kenyatta Web. "To have eliminated a name. You can’t make it right. It’s over that fast. And by the time you understand, it is too late.”

The video is by NBC's Dan Slepian, who is active in telling the stories of wrongfully convicted inmates. But in a departure, this video features inmates who acknowedge their guilt, and who only want to reach out and have a positive effect on young people who might be headed down the same path. One shot into a crowd at a movie premiere, not imagining that he would hit anyone. He did.

The issue is gun violence, prison Superintendent Mike Capra, points out. And it has a devastating impact on everyone involved.

“You could be the bad thing that happens to someone," Web says. “You wanna be the bad?”


VOICES FROM WITHIN FINAL.V2 from Dan Slepian on Vimeo.