2nd-grade teacher shows 'Boondocks' video that imagines MLK lecturing 'n*ggers'
Martin Luther King Jr. depicted in 'Boondocks' (YouTube)

An Arkansas teacher could face disciplinary action after showing her class a video peppered with racial slurs.

Lynn Schumacher showed a YouTube video from the “Boondocks” animated series to her second-grade class on Wednesday, two days after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, reported KFSM-TV.

The episode depicts an aged Martin Luther King Jr. lecturing a gathering of unruly black people about their bad behavior repeatedly using the N-word.

“It’s the ugliest word in the English language, but that’s what I see now: n*ggers,” the King character tells a stunned crowd. “And you don’t want to be a n*gger, because n*ggers are living contradictions. N*ggers are full of unfulfilled ambitions, n*ggers wax and wane, n*ggers love to complain, n*ggers love to hear themselves talk but hate to explain.”

A parent told the TV station that the teacher had shown the video, “It’s Martin Luther King Day, Charlie Brown,” which uses dubbed-over dialogue with animation from the Peanuts TV programs.

But the superintendent of Cedarville schools said an investigation revealed Schumacher had briefly shown the “Boondocks” video, which features more than a dozen uses of the racial slur, before turning it off.

Schumacher said she didn’t realize she was doing anything wrong before showing the video.

But Superintendent Dan Foreman said all outside materials presented to students must be approved by the school principal, which he said did not happen in this case.

The superintendent said administrators are reviewing policies and investigating the incident to determine whether Schumacher should face disciplinary action.

Watch the video posted online by Meritocracy Now!: