Breitbart writer Twitter-shares his hopes and dreams being crushed by Boehner reelection
Ace Breitbart "reporter" Matt Boyle (Twitter)

Matt Boyle -- a "Investigative Journalist at Breitbart News Network"  whose specialties include "MS Office, Garageband, and Audacity" according to LinkedIn --  was very invested in seeing rare endangered orange RINO John Boehner deposed as head of the House Republicans today. Boehner's crimes against Real Americans seem to be summed up by: "not crazy enough."

True, Boehner has allowed his party to vote 54 times to repeal Obamacare, but why not sixty, or a hundred bazillion plus infinity times?  Quite clearly, Boehner is The Man ... keeping the Other Men down.


Unfortunately for Boyle and the 27% of Americans who think Jesus personally wrote the 2nd Amendment -- and they have a copy of the Constitution right here in their pocket to prove it -- Boehner was re-elected today, and now Tea Party members and other people living under the Iron Thumb/Fist/Boot of illegitimate President Barack Obama are sad -- so very very very very sad -- that their coup went 'kablooey.'

Boyle, who rode shotgun on Chris McDaniel's attempt to unseat Thad Cochran in Mississippi only to be stopped by those damnable Negro voters, really thought he was onto something big with Boehner on the ropes and -- with heavyweights from Joe the Plumber to Sarah the Babbler saying "throw the bum out" -- it really looked like Boehner's goose was cooked.

To Matt.

Here is a collection of tweeets-- from early stirrings 'down there' to blood-engorged Boehner-boner to "hey, is it supposed to be this soft?" to "it happens to all guys...see yourself out" -- of Boyle's collapse into sad-face, as he documented it on the Twitter:

My favorite:

Yes. Louis Gohmert would be the new House Speaker if it weren't for that meddling kid, Ezra Klein...

You read it here first.

Okay, maybe second...

Bonus, Andrew Kirell tweets this evergreen from 2013: