NYPD officer caught blasting de Blasio: He's 'sucking the c*ck of every protester'
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (AFP Photo/Mandel Ngan)

New York police resentment toward Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) extended beyond the service for a fellow officer to a gathering following his memorial, according to the New York Review of Books.

"De Blasio is nothing but a whore's court jester, sucking the c*ck of every protester," an unidentified sergeant told colleagues at a bar following the memorial for Officer Rafael Ramos. Reporter Michael Greenberg overheard the remark while reporting on the tension between the NYPD and de Blasio, which was exacerbated by the shooting deaths of Ramos and Officer Wenjian Liu last month.

"Ater Officer Ramos' funeral, I asked a group of cops who had gathered in one of the neighborhood bars why they aimed their anger so exclusively at Mayor de Blasio," Greenberg wrote. "Didn't the blacks and the protesters merit at least a portion of their contempt? No, they said, I didn't understand, the protesters didn't count. They were just 'followers,' 'rabble-rousers,' 'anarchists,' 'know-nothing kids looking to make a scene.'"

Hundreds of officers defied de Blasio during the Dec. 27 funeral, turning their backs to the mayor during his speech. Some later ignored a request by Commissioner Bill Bratton and repeated the gesture during Liu's funeral.

Following the service for Ramos, Greenberg reported, some officers who gathered at the bar expressed "contempt" for not just the mayor, but other politicians.

"The idea seemed to be that there was a pact between law enforcement and politicians," he wrote. "Cops did the dirty work, they waded in the muck, keeping the poor and violent in check and monitoring the human detritus that is the result of inequities they'd had no hand in creating. In return, politicians turned a blind eye to the excessive use of force. On the beat, cops could have their way."

Greenberg wrote that another officer, a retired detective shared stories with his colleagues about "suspects -- or 'mutts' -- he'd clobbered and left for dead" before spotting him in the room.

"When he saw me listening and obviously suspected I wasn't 'one of us,' he said, with an unconvincing smile, 'None of those stories are true, understand?'" Greenberg stated.

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