Tom Brady and his underinflated balls finally make the NFL fun for everyone

The political world took notice of the NFL again on Thursday, in the most bizarre of ways, as New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was broadcast on seemingly more channels than the State of the Union as he discussed the condition of his balls.

In this case, 11 of the 12 game balls his team used during its AFC championship game victory against Indianapolis last weekend. Reports have swirled alleging that the Patriots used balls that were under-inflated by league specifications, which would have made them easier to catch and grip.

On Thursday, Brady denied any knowledge of any such activity. However, the way he did so brought about a reaction from people who normally wouldn't bother with the game, as seen below:

Brady himself attempted to bring some perspective to the proceedings, saying, "This isn't ISIS." However, that, too, became meme bait:

Lastly, a word from a sponsor: