Washington woman used Facebook to track down man who tried to kill her
Avery Latham (Facebook.com)

A Spokane, Washington woman used the social medium Facebook to track down a man who strangled her into unconsciousness, then cut her throat and left her for dead.

According to KXLY.com, the woman -- who police have declined to name -- was attacked in her home on Dec. 28 by 23-year-old Avery Quin Zion Latham, who at the time she only knew as a friend-of-friends named Avery.

The woman's roommates were all out of the house when Latham made a sexual advance upon her, which she declined. Latham became enraged and grabbed her by the throat, first strangling her with his hands, then with his T-shirt.

The victim lost consciousness and Latham wrapped her body in a sleeping bag, dragged her upstairs and placed her in a recycling bin, which he wheeled up the street to an abandoned house.

Latham confessed to police that he left her there for dead, but first dragged his pocketknife across her throat in a failed effort to make certain she was dead.

When she regained consciousness, the woman sought help from a neighbor, who called 911.

After the was discharged from the hospital, the woman went online, searching her friends' lists of Facebook connections for anyone named "Avery." Before long, she found Latham's profile and reported his full name to police.

Police took Latham into custody and are currently having his mental health evaluated. He reportedly told officers that he "just snapped" when the woman rejected him.