WATCH: San Diego cop punches EMT at 7-Eleven following ‘f*cking Nazi’ insult
Video shows San Diego police officer Anibal Solis punching a paramedic in the face during April 2014 altercation [KGTV-TV]

A San Diego, California parking enforcement officer is on trial for allegedly attacking a paramedic and an EMT at a local 7-Eleven store, KGTV-TV reported on Tuesday.

Video evidence of the April 2014 encounter shows the officer, Aníbal Solís, walking up to the paramedic, Steve Cogle, and punching him in the face after Cogle released him from what one witness described as a choke hold.

Prosecutors said Cogle was restraining Solís after the officer went after his partner, Derek Shubin. Solís' attorney, Michael Bordeaux, said Shubin instigated the fight by insulting the officer as they passed by each other outside of the store.

"As he's holding the door, he hears it: 'F*cking Nazi,'" Bordeau told the court. "He sits in his vehicle. He says, 'You know, this isn't right.'"

Solís is charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery in a civil lawsuit Cogle and Shubin filed against him last October. According to the suit, Cogle and Shubin said they actually told the suspect, "Thank you," after he held the door open for them as they walked into the store.

The footage shows the officer, a former amateur boxer, confronting Shubin. They then got into a struggle before Solís allegedly hit him.

"He got extremely heated and that's when he continued to tell me that he would 'f*ck me up,'" Shubin testified on Wednesday, adding that Solís "moved his left hand into a fist. He grabbed my left arm and jerked my arm back."

Parking enforcement officers in most departments are not sworn members of the department, meaning they have no authority to arrest anyone. However, KGTV reported that Solís was a regular police officer before working in parking enforcement.

Watch KGTV's story on the trial, as aired on Tuesday, below.

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