Watch: Stunning time-lapse video shows views of Earth from International Space Station
International Space Station view of Earth (Screencap)

Using more than 12,000 photographs taken during a German astronaut's six-month stay aboard the International Space Station, the European Space Agency has compiled a stunning 6-minute time-lapse video showing the Earth and space the way a member of the space station crew sees it.

According, Astronaut Alexander Gerst took the photos during his time on-board the station between May and November of 2014.

In between conducting experiments on the station, Gerst set up cameras to automatically snap photos at regular time intervals which were used to create the stop-motion flow.

ESA production workers pulled the photos together, adding music, to create panoramic scenes of sunrises, satellite launches, and city lights sparkling on the darkened surface of Earth.

The time-lapse project was part of Gerst's "Blue Dot" mission, named after astronomer Carl Sagan's famous description of Earth as a "pale blue dot" as seen from space.

Watch the video below from the European Space Agency: