Bill Nye reaches out to conservatives: 'We need people on both sides' to fight climate change
'Science Guy' Bill Nye on 'The Reid Report' on Feb. 16, 2015. [YouTube]

"Science Guy" Bill Nye made a push for bipartisan awareness regarding climate change in an interview with MSNBC host Joy Reid on Monday.

"I will say to the conservatives, we need you," Nye told Reid. "This is to say we can't have everybody be a progressive liberal bleeding heart and so on, so on. We need people on both sides. But if the conservative side are going to continue to deny what 97 percent of the scientists in the world are saying, we're not going to reach a consensus. We are not gonna make progress."

Nye said he got the sense that many conservatives are already aware of the planet's warming climate, since they dodge the issue by saying, "I'm not a scientist so therefore I cannot have an opinion on this." However, they were experiencing what he called this year's "extraordinary winter event" as much as anyone else, and could look up the data proving it.

At the same time, Nye also chided Reid's network for not covering global warming more thoroughly.

"My dream, Joy, is that you all --- you in the news business -- would just say the words 'climate change,'" Nye told her. "Just like, 'It could be climate change,' 'It's a possible connection to climate change,' 'Is it possible evidence of climate change?' Can you just toss that in now and then?"

"I would like to toss it in every single time," Reid responded. "I grew up in Denver, Colorado. I went to school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I've lived in New York. I've lived places where it's cold all the time."

A study released last summer by an advocacy group, the Union of Concerned Scientists, determined that Reid's network covered the phenomenon more accurately and more consistently than either Fox News or CNN as recently as 2013.

MSNBC devoted 132 segments to climate change that year, the report stated, and rated 92 of those segments as "entirely accurate." By comparison, Fox covered global warming in 50 segments, with 72 percent of them including "misleading portrayals of the science."

Watch Reid's interview with Nye, as posted online on Monday, below.