'It’s ridiculous!' Conservative mother fumes over school assignment claiming GOP is anti-welfare
Shocked woman (Shutterstock)

A conservative Wisconsin mother says she was shocked that find that her son's classroom assignment described Republicans as being against welfare.

The woman said her son, a junior at Nathan Hale High School in West Allis, was asked to complete an assignment about the political spectrum in his U.S. government class last week, Fox News reported. The assignment required students to link a number of political statements to different party affiliations.

Her son was graded as incorrect for assessing the statement, "We should not help the poor, it's a waste of money," as Fascist instead of conservative/Republican.

"When I picked my son up from school, he asked me what political party did I think thought ‘We should not help the poor, it’s a waste of money,'" the student’s mother, Heather Bronnson, told EAGnews.

"I answered none, and a discussion took place," she said. "He answered ‘E’ which stood for Fascism because he couldn’t imagine conservatives or liberals saying such a thing."

The assignment also indicated that liberals wanted to tax the wealthy, and communists wanted to kill those who didn't support equality.

"No political party espouses not helping the poor, it's ridiculous," Bronnson wrote on Facebook. "Why can't they just teach the basic political spectrum without lying?"

A representative for the school told Fox News that the assignment would not be used in the future.

But spokesman Brian Vissers told the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel that EAG, which first reported the story, had an anti-public education agenda.

"There are all types of questions on this assignment ranging from far right to far left," he said. "It seems like the mother in this case just pulled out what her political views are. She didn't have any issues with the articles or questions on the other side of the political spectrum."