Listen to pastor's wild rant about Scott Walker, evolution, the father of lies, and war with pagans
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (Gateway Technical College/Flickr)

Conservative pastor Laurence White on Monday trashed the media for asking Republicans if they believed in the theory of evolution.

The pastor appeared on the Trunews radio program to discuss why the United States was becoming more like Nazi Germany, reported Right Wing Watch.

"The nonsense of evolution and all the rest of it is perception based upon unproven and unproveable assumptions," he said. "They make it sound like if you're reasonable, if you're rational and living in the 21st Century, you've got to believe the science that we present."

"Well, it's not science. It is their religion."

White noted that Republican politicians like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker had been asked about their views on evolution.

“They’re trying to make conservative, Bible-believing candidates look foolish because the Devil is the Father of Lies and he’s good at it,” he remarked.

"We've go to lead our people to be able to discern what is actually going on in this country, that collision of two religions: one pagan, one Christian. And until they recognize that, they’re not going to understand the nature of the spiritual warfare in which we are engaged."

Listen to audio below: